Day 5- 3/10: Dovan to ABC (21.75 kms)

Last night was chaotic. There was no accommodation anywhere. The next town was another 1.5 hours away and there was torrential rain. Eventually, our guide (thank goodness we had a guide) was able to negotiate a tent for us. We fell asleep to the sound of the river rapidly flowing just below us.

All around us the world was also beginning to wake up, the birds were singing their dawn chorus, people were yawning and stretching and the cooks were banging around in the nearby kitchen. Below us the glorious sound of the river gushing over the rocks was enticing me out of our tent but my muscles were tight as they’d ceased up overnight after sleeping on the hard ground.

As we started day 5 of our trek, I noticed that again our scenery had changed. The mountains were sparse and the luscious green that we had seen lower down had been replaced by darker greens, browns and greys. The recent downpours had made the waterfalls cascade spectacularly down the mountains.


DSC_4170 DSC_4242

With a final huff and puff we eventually made it to Annapurna Base Camp. Shrouded with thick clouds and fog we hoped desperately that in the evening or the next morning we would be able to see all the surrounding mountains.

In the evening we walked up to the viewing area, walking under the tangle of prayer flags. I hoped that the views tomorrow morning would be as amazing as the feeling of accomplishment that swept through my body as I reached the base camp earlier this afternoon. I can proudly say, I have trekked the Himalayas and survived to tell the tale!


That night we sat in the lodge and sipped hot ginger lemon tea with honey and listened to other travellers’ stories before going to bed really early. We have another early rise (sunrise over Annapurna) and another huge day of hiking ahead of us tomorrow.


P.S. I have been using my trekking experiences as inspiration to write in my yoga, meditation and lifestyle Blog. If you would like to read about what INSPIRED me today, please click on the hyperlink.


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